0800 - 0930 Guest Registration & Welcome Refreshments
0930 - 1000 Opening Address by Guest-of-Honour: Mr Chan Chun Sing, Minister for Trade and Industry

A*STAR T-Up Awards Ceremony
The T-Up Excellence Award recognises outstanding T-Up Research Scientists And Engineers (RSEs) who have made impactful contributions to local enterprises and have played important roles in building a knowledge-based, innovation-driven economy through the T-Up Scheme.

The T-Up Emerging Talent Award recognises researchers, scientists and engineers who have shown great potential to meet industry needs and help local enterprises grow.
1000 - 1030 Speaker 1 - Mr Lin Xiangqian
Group President and CEO, Esco Group
Business Transformation through Global Innovation: The Esco Story

With industries facing disruption from technology advancement, companies will need to re-think whether their current business model, product and service offerings are still relevant with the changing industry landscape and consumer profiles.

Esco will share their innovation journey and how they transited from the manufacturing of cleanroom equipment, to lab equipment, and then to products addressing growth sectors, such as the more stringently regulated medtech and biotech sector. Esco responded to new trends, developed new technologies and products and transformed their business. Esco's proprietary products and services are now offered in over 100 countries worldwide. With innovation and R&D core to their business plans, the group is creating new product and service offerings through collaborations with various R&D partners, such as A*STAR, and is now undergoing a further metamorphosis towards new ventures in growth areas (e.g. investment and entry into new biotech sectors) driven by second-generation leaders.

1030 - 1100 Speaker 2 - Ms May Yap
CEO and Managing Director, LHT Holdings Limited
Innovating Ahead: Leading the Transformation in the Environmentally Friendly Timber Transport Packaging for Logistics and Supply Chain Management

Continuous drive for innovation is key to helping businesses stay ahead of their competition.

LHT will share how re-thinking their business model through innovation helped them pivot into growth sectors and move from timber trading to product ownership. In addition, LHT embarked on process optimisation and collaborated with public research institutes, such as A*STAR, to re-tool their business to automate their pallet assembly lines.

1100 onwards Exhibition Opens
1130 - 1230 Lunch & Networking

1230 - 1430
Session A: Driving New Innovations in the Food Manufacturing Sector

This track shares new technologies and innovations applicable to the Food Manufacturing Sector, such as non-thermal food processing technologies to enhance shelf life of food products while maintaining the product quality; and the use of biotransformation as a platform technology to improve nutritional content and upcycle food waste.

Mr Jimmy Soh: 1230 - 1235
Ms Bernice Tay: 1235 - 1240
Dr Kemal Aganovic: 1240 - 1340
Dr Matthew Zhao: 1340 - 1400
A/Prof Ralph Graichen: 1400 - 1430
Session B: Product Innovation Showcase

This track shares technology solutions and resources that SMEs could use for product innovation, such as Open Innovation Platform, Operations and Technology Roadmapping, Artificial Intelligence and emerging infocomm technologies.

Mr Dwayne Wang: 1230 - 1240
Mr Joseph Ng: 1240 - 1250
Mr Eric Teo: 1250 - 1305
Mr Chang Chang Kuo: 1305 - 1315
Mr Mark Yong: 1315 - 1330
Dr Oh Ser Wah: 1330 - 1345
Panel Discussion/Q&A: 1345 - 1430
1430 - 1500 Afternoon Tea

1500 - 1700
Session C: Driving Smart & Digital Retail

This track shares solutions and technologies applicable to the Retail Sector, such as data analytics, price analytics solutions, and smart retail products.

Ms Rose Tong: 1500 - 1510
Mr Rick Yeo & Mr Pawan Gandhi: 1510 - 1540
Mr Mark Foo: 1540 - 1610
Mr Manoj Sharma: 1610 - 1640
Mr Rupert Macey: 1640 - 1700
Session D: Process Optimisation Showcase

This track shares technology solutions and resources that SMEs could use for process optimization, such as Smart Industry Readiness Index, Smart Systems Framework, next-generation assembly line technologies, and additive manufacturing.

Dr Ing. Antonio Feraco: 1500 - 1520
Mr Ronald Leng: 1520 - 1540
Mr Prashant Chhaya: 1540 - 1600
Mr Wu Yong Lin: 1600 - 1620
Panel Discussion/Q&A: 1620 - 1700